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Aged & Cracked (Craquelure) Paintings

Most of our paintings can be ordered "Aged & Cracked". Such paintings are painted on a special vintage canvas and with special oils, resulting in a unique Craquelure effect which gives the painting a genuine old appearance. Our aged and cracked reproductions look so authentic that several museums have commissioned us to prepare paintings for them to replace the original ones while they were being restored or on loan.

Please view below some samples of aged paintings which have been prepared in our studio. If you want to order an aged painting, add any painting from our selection to your shopping cart and indicate in the “additional comments” box that you would like your painting aged. However, please note that this option is not available for all the sizes and paintings because it is suitable only for pieces with smooth surfaces and not for ones with “built-up” oil such as the impressionist

An Aged & Cracked Mona Lisa

Leonardo Da Vinci

An Aged & Cracked Girl with a Pearl Earring

Jan Vermeer Van Delft

An Aged & Cracked Destiny

John William Waterhouse