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Perfect gift idea for special people or special occasion! Turn Your Favorite Photo into 100% Hand-Painted Oil Painting On Canvas!

  • Hand Painted with Real Oil Paint
  • Painted and Signed by Academy Trained Artists
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Photo of painting approval before shipping
  • Customized any size
  • Free Photo Editing
  • Inspiration:Digital or Photograph
  • Affordable Prices

About Our Portrait Artists

Our artists have many years of portrait paintings experience. If you can tak a photo of it, then they can turn it into a painting .We use the finest paints and artist grade canvas - your painting will last generations. 

Oil paintings from your favorite family photos, portraits from photos make unique gifts for your loved ones. Perfect for any special occasion.

Our artists can handle creation of beautiful portraits from photo, and can combine several photos into one portrait painting .

Commission a Portrait 

How to Start?

Step 1
send us the photo (or photos) that you would like the artist to work from to create your oil painting. Also let us know the size you’d like and if you have any special instructions for the painting (change of background, removal of items originally in the photo but not wanted in the painting, color alterations etc.). We can then give you a quote and set up a link on our website so you can order.
Step 2
Once the order is made, we appoint the most suitable artist (or, if you are a past customer with a preferred or favorite artist, we’d use them) and he starts work on the painting.
Step 3
As with any oil painting, the artist begins with the sketch outline, then the first layer etc., all the way through to the finished painting. We are happy to keep you informed and send you regular photographic updates if you want them.
Step 4
Once the painting has been reviewed and approved by you, we send it out (either framed, stretched, or just rolled, depending on your order) via express post . Tracking no. will be sent after deliverey .
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Portrait Painting Pricing

General portait price - Our portrait pantings are priced based on their size and the level of painting details.
Size (inch) 1 Subject 2 Subjects 3 Subjects 4 Subjects 5 Subjects
12x18" $130 $150      
16x20" $150 $170 $190    
20x24" $180 $200 $220 $250 $300
24x36" $220 $240 $260 $290 $350
30x36" $250 $270 $290 $320 $370
30x40" $280 $300 $320 $350 $400
36x48" $350 $370 $390 $420 $480
48x72" $450 $480 $500 $530 $580
All prices in USD.
Price does not include frame.FREE Shipping Worldwide