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How Paintings Process

When you commission us to reproduce or create a painting , the most gifted and talented artist will be arranged to work for you . All of our artists have been highly trained in their specific genres ,i.e, landscape , portraiture ,abstract, impressionism … so that whatever the genres of the painting is required ,we have just the right ,talented artists to do so. It's the reason that our hand painted art reproductions express the human element, the spirit and the sense of the Great Masters.

All our paintings are completed entirely by hand, strictly keeping to the technology process of the Old Masters . We work with only premium grade canvas and British Winsor and Newton Oils .



The painting process involves many intricate steps our artists must complete in order to paint each oil painting. Our stringent quality control and high standards of excellence ensures that our artists strictly adhere to our philosophy that every oil painting must be painted with the utmost attention to detail, aesthetics, technique and style. At, we want you to buy with confidence, knowing that you have purchased the finest quality oil paintings, entirely hand-painted on canvas by our master artists!

Please view the following steps to know how our artist to reproduce oil painting
titled "The Runaway 1958"
original painted by Norman Rockwell,
starting with a blank canvas and ending with a true masterpiece!

Step 1 – Blank Canvas Cut to Size and Tracked Onto on Easel.

The blank canvas has cut to the required size of the oil painting and tacked onto the artist's easel. The canvas is intentionally cut an extra 1.5-2.0 inches on all sides to allow the canvas to be stretched by a framer onto wood stretcher bars, , as part of the framing process. For example, if you order an oil painting in a 24" x 36" size, the actual painted surface of the canvas is 24" x 36", but the overall canvas size is approximately 27" x 39".


Step 2 –Sketch the Outline of The Oil Painting

The painting process starts out with our artist sketching an outline of the oil painting before applying any oil paints to the canvas. Here is where our artist can concentrate on sketching the rough composition of the subject matter, paying special attention to the proper scale of the various shapes and figures that will comprise the finished oil painting.


Step 3 –First Coat of Paint to The Canvas.

When the outline or template is complete then it is time to add the first layer of paint. After the base coats are applied then the artist will go back in and add the rich and decorative detail.



Step 4 – Apply Color to The Painting

Here our artist carefully mixes the color and applies color to the canvas to create depth perspective and color requirements . Now your painting is really coming along . You should see the richness of the colors blending together . Before processing to the next step, this layer of paint must be allowed to dry for dry .



Step 5 – Add Textures and Details to the Oil Painting

Here we will focus on the techniques or effects that the original artist used by using various shape artist brushes, by using more or less paint on the brush , or by utilizing different painting techniques . You will begin to see more detail begin to show, the hues and subtleties of shadows, the veins in a leaf , the light , fleshy tones of skin .




Step 6 – Continue Adding Details and Touches

In this step we focus on the small details, such as shadows ,highlights, shading and the color density and other elements of the painting. All of these details are vital elements to an excellent reproduction that has the prominence of the original painting.



Step 7 – Complete and Finishing Touches

The painting is now being checked over for quality and attention to detail by the artist . A senior artist will be called in to offer a professional opinion and render the final approval. Only then will this oil painting be called a true masterpiece.



The image size of this oil reproduction sample is 30x30 inches . We leave 2" unpainted border all around the oil painting .The overall size of this canvas is 34x34 inches .

If you will mount the painting for gallery wrapping ,we can extend color to paint the blank canvas for you .It is no extra cost ,just leave a message "Extend color to paint the border." when you place order .  We will process for you when we get your instruction.