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In the Northeast corner of Beijing, a 1950s-built factory named Arts District, which is the 798 Art District. It is located in Dashanzi, Jiuxianqiao street Chaoyang District Beijing ,was also known as Dashanzi Art District (referred to as DAD-Dashanzi Art District) . is formed by a group of talented and passionate artists ,who are highly educated and experienced.

The artists of 798AG use their talents to create masterpiece oil paintings for clients around the World . They are master artists whose talents approach those works hang on the walls of some of the most famous art museums . They re-create and bring to life some of the world's most celebrated artwork, producing museum quality oil paintings and reproductions .

Watch our video to learn more about how our artist to work your painting ,step by step ,stroke by stroke .

Our oil reproductions include classic paintings to contemporary paintings ,such as Bouguereau ,Leonardo da Vinci ,Rembrant ,Turner ,Monet ,Van Gogh,Pollock ,Rothko etc. We are very proud of our talented artists team which can match every brushstroke and vision of a great master's palette .

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In addition to the extensive collection of art displayed online ,we are also able to provide a Special Commission Service . If you cannot find the painting of your choice, please email us with your request and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation and suggest size .

We also offer a unique Surface - Cracked (old aged look) option for some paintings which need to be looked like antique  . supplies private customers, hotels , restaurants, office furnishers ,interior designers and many other business.




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